Random acts of kindness


Let me preface by saying this guy I’ve known my whole life, he’s an amazing dude, (Dad was like an Accountant, they were maybe one or two castes higher up than me, a really nice all around fam.) born with a bad heart he was not supposed to survive childhood, lost his hero big brother to an motorcycle wreck in high school, always smaller than his sibs, he went on and collected Grad Degrees for several years, iirc he has an MSW and an MPM (Public Management) And then of Course a Law Degree, now he has some quasi civil service jobs helping the down and outers with legal and social skills advice etc

This is his story.

So I have a huge display of :red_car: cars on my shelf of my office window. There is a gentleman that camps by my window & he has been there for awhile. We wave @ each other from time to time when we see each other. Anyway, earlier this week he flagged me down & wanted to know if I had the office w all of the :blue_car: cars. I said yes & he said I have something for you - he said he saw it & knew I’d :heart:️ love it. He found it in his backpack & with a big grin he said here, this is for you. He said it’s a Danica Patrick race car - it was new & in the box! The green car :oncoming_automobile: in the window is the car he gave me! Anyway, this guy doesn’t know me & yet he was kind enough to give a stranger something that he knew I’d like. In these odd times I find his gesture very moving & it reminds me to be kind to one another! There are a lot of nice cars :blue_car: in my window, but I think this is my favorite!


warm sincere smile “Biff, long time no see, you look great, how are you doing?”

“Well bud, my wife kicked me out, I lost my job, my Dog ran away, I’m living in a van over by the river, I have a herpes chancre on my pp, and I’m…i’m incurably ill”

“Wow Biff, you live such an amazing and interesting life, I want to hear about it, hey what are you doing right now I’m hungry let’s go grab a burger or something?”

Yeah he’s that guy.