Re: Fake vs Virtual


Where is he anyway


Remember these?


Not sure, it is thought he forsaken us.


Yeah, what’s your point? Can’t win an argument so you try something else?


Also it helps if you include the entire quote. I wasn’t relying on association, I was saying that “fags” is used by everyone
Pretty POS troll of you to attempt that.


We already determined you spent time arguing for teargassing innocent refugees, and I decided to pick apart your reasons why Duke is racist but you’re not homophobic.

Finding your hypocrisy is like shooting fish in a barrel.


I see you haven’t read my reply on you cherry picking words.
Try again.


And black people call each other niggers, so by your argument, if you’re not homophobic, Duke isn’t racist. Again, YOUR argument.


Where did I ever say I hate anybody, and illegal immigrants aren’t innocent. They’re illegal. They broke the law. Asylum seekers and refugees are different. Semantics matter.

Anywase, why do you support Oak being a hateful, hypocritical person?
Edit: Oh wait that was Spoon saying Oak is just being herself. Her hateful old self. Sad you guys are okay with that.


Ad hominem. I’ve made no argument of my own, I am pointing out the inconsistency of your own words to vilify another and justify yourself. Why do you justify your own casual homophobia?


What homophobia?
What ad hominem? My point was attacking Oak’s hateful tendencies coupled with her hypocrisy. That IS the position.


Already demonstrated, in spades. Your shrugging question is summarily rejected.

When you turned to attack my agency, wherein I had not posited any.


Okay, boomer.


I’m not the least bit hateful. I don’t hate Melania. I just don’t respect that ho.


I give you a 3.4 on the dismount.


I learned today that if someone lived in a country that was formerly communist, that calling them a former communist is, um, racist?


I saw that. Yet, her father was a ranked official in his local communist government party. If Dad was a communist party person, so was the whole family.

They are opportunist, a whore has more honor. I’m insulting whores by calling Melania a whore.


The proceeding comments confirmed this was a lie.


At the time of your post there were no proceeding comments.

However, the PREceeding comments show that you are a homophobe by your own definition of bigotry.


That’s your opinion, not fact.