Read No Bills


I just heard a congressman say he voted for the AHCA without actually reading it but his staff did.

Is this a common practise?


Evidently so. There is no need to know what is in the bill since the lobbyists on K Street have already told the maggot how to vote.

Also, since ALEC probably drafted the bill in the first place one can safely make assumptions that it favors corporations and rich fuckers, and screws the little guy.


It is not unknown for K Street to actually write a bill and the politician promoting it hasn’t read it either.


K street?


An area in DC known as a location of many Lobbying Firms.


Lobbying; bald faced corruption.


Please tell me you’re joking.


I tend to agree, at least in part.


Not remotely.

Lobbyists are scum, and there is a move here in Australia to have them banned.


So how do groups/people bring issues to government?



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Trump actually put forth new ethics rules to prevent people within the administration to become lobbyists for something like 5 years. He of course can issue waivers on an instance by instance basis, hence this cartoon:



As insidious and vile as the influence of lobbyists on public policy has become, their activities are covered by the 1st Amendment, so I suppose we have to put up with it.