Remember the guy who's killed a US Soldier that Trudeau was praising and shit?


Canadian citizens gave some money to the slain SM’s family.

The Omar Khadr settlement is one of those things that change electorates. :slight_smile:



Canadians are on a fast road to be the most retarded developed country outside Europe

I think it’s a natural thing, nations become developed, rich and free of big problems

Then, they destroy themselves with the idiotic PC garbage


No one is impressed with Trudeau.


It’s great that Canadians are so generous but they are becoming more and more like Americans with emotional responses winning over fact.

Just so everyone here is aware that we’ve been at this shit with Khadr for over a decade. His cases have been through multiple courts including the Supreme Court and he’s won every case. The SC case was a unanimous decision stating the Canadian government abused his fundemental rights.

Regardless of the ridiculous legal action brought up by Speers’ widow against a 15 year old, we were facing paying him out $20 million. Trudeau’s government got us a deal for about half.


The other thing I should note is that her settlemental judgement was awarded without Khadr having any representation whatsoever during the trial. I don’t think a Canadian court would uphold the judgement.

I will tell you straight up that I won’t be giving to the office for this one. I just don’t think the widow of someone who dies during war gets to sue a kid (Khadr was 15 at the time) who has no money after he had been tortured into confessing.

I think our government should sue the American government for the payout and legal fees because they were the ones who tortured him.


He should’ve been executed.



As soon as you start voting with your wallet, I’ll consider your opinion as to what should have been done.


They had to torture him into confessing. Who is to say he even did it? And how culpable is a 15 year old brainwashed kid?


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LOL there’s something seriously wrong with the Canadian courts


There’s more to it than the headline.


Yeah. The ragheads are intolerant fucks. That’s what I gathered.


Seems like “we” already discussed this story a week or two back.