Report: The Trump Administration Ordered Homeland Security to Patrol Portland Uprising



lol two days ago I watched a girl casually working on hacksawing the head off a statue directly across from there the entire time I was down there she was hack sawing.

A July 9 report by the Associated Press asserts that one of the federal agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, was deployed to Portland following President Donald Trump’s June 26 executive order to protect monuments.

“Once we surged federal law enforcement officers to Portland, the agitators quickly got the message,” a DHS senior official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the AP.


Clearly :rofl:


This was the first night the feds really came out, on the 4th of July… this is a federal courthouse at the beginning… :joy:


Cops in black are PPB, cops in camo are US Marshals, DHS, assorted Fed thugs…


I had a work study job for 2 or 3 Semesters. In the Solomon Court House in the US Attorneys office. In a previous life.


Fuck me, not even the sixties or seventies can hold a candle to this shit show.


Really, you think the protests are more intense nowdays?


Not sure if more intense is exactly accurate, but protracted and enduring protests, i’d think so.


What Ape said.

Also, I don’t mean JUST the protests.