Root Beer


I absolutely love root beer, and really enjoy trying all the different styles. Currently my favorite is “Dad’s” and I’d describe it as a rootbeer with a heavier molasses taste with hints of “root flavor”.

Do you guys have a favorite type of root beer?

The girlfriend wants to go root beer tasting at the local Root Beer Store in Lynnwood… if ya got a favorite, I’ll try and find it and pick some up so I can try.


Barq’s is a good one.


Henry Weinharts


I like A&W. I’m not a root beer connoisseur though. Most of them taste pretty good to me.


Consider googling Root Beer. It’s a surprisingly complex and interesting subject. Bottoms up.




Did you know that there is an alcoholic version of root beer?:grinning:


I take it none of you have tried craft rootbeer. lol


Nope. Why is that funny though?

I’d prefer a cocktail.


Nah I haven’t altho I was aware that it was a thing.


I had a friend try it but it tasted like Robitussin.