Self defense gear


Gotta be prepared for bigoted white punks in Portland… I got a Smith and Wesson folding knife and some mace, looking for a decent fixed blade “boot knife” type dagger… I might get a little bat for my backpack too. I see a lot of people walking around with little bats in their pack.


Collapsible Baton.


More compact, but takes more practice. “Little Bat” seems more foolproof to me, if you already have a pack.


I ordered an 18" bat… only $5.95 including shipping on ebay…


what else would be good to have?



We went downtown last night, get on the train, sit down, I see this guy down the train look at me then back to his phone and shake his head… I ignored it but after probably 20 min on the train I notice he keeps looking and staring at me. So I stared him down until he got off the train, fuck it, you wanna go let’s go…


Boot knife?
“S&W bootknife” like $14 on Amazon


I ordered one of these…






Pretty much. I bought this vintage Ka-Bar in the early eighties, a good idea is a good idea. (stock photo, mine still has black paint on 95% of the blade too, and the grip has some shiny spots from wear.)



Gerber Mk1 my pops has (Google photo)



I used to know a couple of the Gerbers.


Here’s a weapon that I think even @Bigdukesix would approve of.

Guy makes a good case for the flashlight…


Check out some of those comments! Especially the Legos one.


There is gold in them thar hills!


What about carrying something like this?



Beretta is the best of those 3. Century Arms is known for their shoddy craftsmanship.

I would get something concealable though such as a Ruger LCP.

Problem with getting those “less bought guns” is their aftermarket for holsters and such pretty sucks.