Sensing a weak and empty suit in the WH, The Soviet Union Tests are Airspace for the 2nd day

This did not happen when Obama was the boss man.


Look at a map - this is all so much bullshit

Been going on every day fer 60 years

I was camping up at Plattsburg when the F-111’s went over my spot at about 300 feet at fucking 3AM hunting Bear

I looked up and my cat was stuck to the ceiling of the camper


(I knew that, why would you think I wouldn’t know that?)


Anyone breathing shud know it


We’d be in port in Norfolk (commonly pronounced as Nofuck) we’d have to stow all our garbage on the boat, once we at that magic 50 mile maker on the ocean, they’d announce “The Garbage Sponsons are now open” and then you’d see for the next several hours (give or take) a steady stream of lower ranked guys carry big bags of trash and tossing it off into the great blue ocean, and after a few minutes, The Russian “Trawlers” would be following along behind scooping up bags and sifting through them for intel or food or what ever.


Well, as long as Sarah Palin is watching with her binoculars, I think we’re safe.


In the winter ya can walk from the US to Russia