Sharing Insider Information With You Folks


It’s fake news folks, the real reason that we are going to have a Space Force is that NASA astronauts have had recent encounters with U.F.O.s. I can’t reveal my sources but believe me, it"s true.


As you can see, these sightings have been going on for over 60 years. Newer sightings are even spookier. I know, I would be a doubter too except that I have inside information which is convincing.


Can you show me on this Doll where the “UFO” people probed you?


You got inside info but It has been going on forever - this was news fucking 40+ years ago

Let me guess - cousin Tommy knows a girl who dated the ex-girlfriend of a her bother who knows an astronauts friend of a friend

you must be high

get the fuck back in yer tent


Why are you berating Apey?

LR said he knew an astronaut, or something.


A mistake - I will fix it


Why would an infinite extra terrestrial being need a flying garbage can to carry it around the universe?