*Sigh* 2 games left at Joe Louis Arena


Gonna miss this old barn. Seriously. A whole social life with season tix and the joys of victory and some gutting defeats. The game, The Post Bar after the game (players and other local celebs sometimes wandered in, players of both teams) then over to the Lafayette Coney Island right next to the American Coney Island for some coneys before driving home.

Good times. No playoffs this year, but unlike other places that aren’t making it our barn is full up and sounds like a playoff game anyway. https://twitter.com/DetroitRedWings/status/849084653252128768


I assume you go to any of the 3 local teams when the Deadwings are in town?

Oh, and you can no longer say your playoff streak is older than my team. Go Sharks!


Not so much anymore. Hate going to MSG, cramped seats and it’s such an old place people walk on concourses sideways, not up and down rows for the most part so people blocking you are a problem. Not into schlepping out to Brooklyn for the Islanders and honestly, that franchise is one that needs to move somewhere. They’re a HUGE financial suck on the league. Now, The Prudential Center is a GREAT arena. It really is. Wide concourses, extremely, no, EXTREMELY clean venue with some good food on the main concourse. They only really fill up for the Rangers and Flyers so truly, good affordable seats are just a walk up to the ticket office away.

The trouble is you get New Jersey people at those games. I mean THOSE New Jersey people.


Did you move to Detroit?


No, may retire to the woods of Michigan one day but still here in suddenly fashionable Jersey City




35, a new record. What an AMAZING day. From the red carpet coming in for players and alumni, to seeing the commercial break ice cleaning crew one time being Nick Lidstrom, Chris Chelios, Dino Ciccarelli and Tomas Holmstrom. Next time out might be Joe Kocur, Darren McCarty, Chris Osgood, and John Ogrodnick. Everyone was there or a family member was there for the Howe, Sawchuk, Probert and Chiasson families. Stevie spoke and it got all choked up with him talking to Marian Ilitch up in the box (with Gary Buttman nearby) and Scotty Bowman told the fans he knows hockey and the fans in Detroit drove that franchise. They had the right parts to run it, Scotty said the madhouse every night was the engine.

How hilarious would it be if we got first draft pick in the lottery? Oh admit it, it’d be funny. The shrieking, the yowling, it’d be funny.

It would.

Like the Las Vegas Golden Knights tweeted out today, they are proud to be the only western conference team without a losing record at Joe Louis Arena. I found that to be hilarious. Looking at you Blackhawk fans.

Montreal had the Forum. Toronto had Maple Leaf Garden. The Rangers have Madison Square and the Bruins had the Boston Garden, the Blackhawks had Chicago Stadium.

Detroit had The Olympia AND Joe Louis Arena. +1 us. Probably take three trucks to haul all the banners down the street.


One of my favorite images was this one of anthem singer Karen Newman (for 27 of the 38 years of JLA) to show just how on top of you fans were at The Joe. It was like a wall of people as the standing room just melded in between the upper and lower bowls. Just a Phil Spector hockey wall of sound.




38 years at JLA, 5 captains:
Reed Larson
Danny Gare
Steve Yzerman
Nicklas Lidstrom
Henrik Zetterberg



One last story sneaking its way out from the JLA celebration, after almost everyone had left, after the chairs were put away and the lights had dimmed down JLA building manger Al Sobotka (the guy who swings the octopus) walked over to the penalty box with Bob Probert’s widow and she spread some of his ashes in the home penalty box before leaving.