So, about that Travel Ban, I guess it's working after all



I heard you’re going to save more after illegal border crossing diminished 90%


I thought the ban was called unconstitutional and such…


It was, but the international ignomics echo on.


Are you just playing dumb?

Yeah, Trump’s insanity and total lack of morality has frightened away millions.


But he shows us that anything is possible.


I suppose he does make the trogs who have lived their lives slinking around in the dark and the mire, afraid to come out into the world, believe that even a slimy, doughy, subhuman creature can make a power grab and bully millions. Ahhhh, to be a mutant swamp thing spewing sulfur, and be alive in the Trump era!


A lot of Canadians that I’ve talked to recently refuse to visit the US because they don’t want any part of the current gong show.


Maybe a guy can catch a cablecar now.