So here I am in Pleasanton, CA


Why the hell is it so cold?

Also Californian drivers suck so bad :joy:


Wind coming off the Pacific Ocean. Don’t you have that in WA?


Not unless they live on the west side of the Olympic peninsula. The coastline for all the rest of them is Puget Sound.

ETA…the downside of this is King Tides now and then.


Yes, but it was just 95° a couple days ago. I want the warm weather back when I get into the field.

I got a belly to shed :joy:


We have low pressure sitting off the coast, it’s making it cool. We’ll be at 90° by Tuesday. How long are you here?


Been here since the 27th, I’ll be here till the 22nd


That’s a long time. Special training?


NCO Academy :slight_smile:


What does NCO stand for?


Noncomissioned Officer


Were you promoted?


Yep yep, if I don’t flunk out of the class of course lol


Do you get materials to study? If yes, study hard.


I’m almost done with the material portion, the field portion is coming up. A lot more fun and I’m a lot more confident in that area.


So is this to get up to E-5?


Yep. Got lateral to Corporal for the time being.

Army is bridging the gap between enlisted and officer education. They’re eventually gonna make it so if you get E5, you’ll end up with a bachelor’s in some kind of management upon leaving the military.

In the works, but yeah.


He is painting rocks white and polishing trophies and talking about how much fucking lifer gear they can get in their SUV’s


Hi Oakie.


Probably, but “hard stripes” are the issue. You can be an E4 and beyond as a techie/ Specialist but are not empowered to command troops. An NCO is a corporal or any of the sergeant grades.

Not sure how I feel about the idea of Boro with hard stripes, but I’ve seen worse for sure. At least his IQ is sufficient.


I worked in the Admin and thankfully all it took to get rid of pricks was pressing 4 digits on the phone

An MP got transferred for giving me a parking ticket he would not make go away - I happened to mention I got a ticket and they said WE DON’T GET TICKETS - so the MP would not make it go away and they sent him ti god knows where - I was against fucking with someones life but they told me it was none of my business any more. And out he went.