So here I am in Pleasanton, CA


Been approved for hard stripes already, following this order I was lateralled to Corporal. Tech’s and Spec 4+ doesn’t exist anymore.

Troop welfare and command is easy, morale is the tough one. It’ll be interesting.




That’s hard to imagine. At one time Spec’s went all the way up to E9.


Yeah, not sure why they were cut out. I guess they expect more of the NCO, to be both technically and tactically proficient (as per the NCO Creed)


The Tech grades were always confusing to me, but then I was Navy, and most of us were “Techies” aka fix it guys.


Are you free on weekends?


Nope, I’m able to leave when class gets out. That’s how I ended up in Pleasanton,

Not much time though.


Why Pleasantn? Nothing much there.


Base is in Dublin, just went to the mall.


Did you use a Sharpie on your screen?

Congrats on the promotion!


Good wine tasting in Livermore.


Photo editor on my phone, lol

Thanks man


The whole Navy approach has always been tied to the fact of their being a SHIP or boat. I think the Navy did away with tech ratings after WW2 and now you just have a “rate” which is both your paygrade and your MOS. When I was “in” service I couldn’t discern much in the way of command lines among NCOs, except that the BosunMates seemed to have a bit more command clout than any others…possibly explaining why a BM is one of the 3 members of a watch crew along with the OOD and the runner, usually a SN.

And evidently the Army has followed suit because almost everybody is now a techie in some respects, even the 11 Bravos.

I would think “tactical proficiency” would be important for grunts, but not so much for, say, dental lab technicians. Yet they will all be NCOs equally now. As for the NCO Creed, when I went to NCO school in 1966 it was understood by all that bullshit that it had very little to do with the actual work of operating the Army.


The Bosuns are an odd group, they’re basically the ship’s maintence crew, I had a High School Buddy that was in the Rent A Crow program, a 6 yr enlistment with yer “Crow” or E4 on Graduation from your trade school, he was I think in Machinist Mate School, and just a couple weeks from Graduation when he got popped for a small quantity of the pots, well since the Navy had just spent over a year training him to mate with machines, they didn’t want to kick him out, so they put him in the IBM Program, Instant Bosuns Mate, where he chipped and replaced grey paint on the USS America for 4 and a half years. And since he didn’t “Graduate” they didn’t give him his Crow either.


Today was absolutely gorgeous, a great time for me to prep a class. :roll_eyes:


It was a picture perfect day, wasn’t it? Wait a minute, can you get in trouble for sharing this top secret info? :stuck_out_tongue:


Public knowledge, lol


Will you get to do Bayonet Drills on live targets?


Would you like to be the live demonstration?


You’d do that for me?