So Libs


…how’s surfing on the Blue Ripple going?:grin:


The Trumptards on FB don’t seem to understand that Trump lost the House, so that’s been amusing.


It don’t fucking matter how many times ya polish a turd

it’s still a turd

it a fucking disaster fer trump

spin it anyway ya want

it’s a disaster

When you have two things and lose one


The election was fake news, Jim Acosta beat up 3 interns and Jeff Sessions has been promoted.


And Dems picked up governorships in…wait for it, Michigan, Wisconsin & Pennsylvania and will thus oversee their state’s 2020 voting and elections for President. Might get a legit count this time.


I just tweeted this after watching the news from Florida where everyone is suing everyone and we could have runoffs and or recounts on ballots and voter disenfranchisement:

Florida, This again. Every fucking time with this. Maybe it’s time the “Athletic Directors” all got together and kicked Florida out of the conference and replaced it with Ontario.


Ontario probably doesn’t appreciate the idea.