So, poast your impeachment predictions folks


Include an exact date when you think shit will start happening…

Here’s mine:

Republicans don’t do shit one way or the other…

Dims win majorities in the 2018 Congress, decide not to impeach because they figure it will be easy to beat TRUMP in 2020

TRUMP defeats Pocahontas in 2020…Russia is suspected of leaking DNA tests proving she is not a real injun one week before the election. Republicans narrowly retake the House, not the Senate.

No impeachment!



Lula was condemned to 9 years in jail

One year for each of his fingers


Nobody here thinks it will happen, as I suspected.


I certainly don’t think anyone in Congress has the stones.


I don’t think he’ll be impeached ever and if the Dems don’t get their shit together, they’ll lose 2018 too.


What would be nice is if this stuff was pulled out long enough to reach the midterms allowing the Dems to take at least one of the chambers, then drop the hammer.


I think that that’s the plan. It will backfire however, the Dems have lost something like a thousand seats nationwide in the last few years.




Nah - Trump will have signed an executive order denying Injins the right to vote or hold office by then.


Ikr? They should go back to Indiana where they came from.