So you California types


So this new referendum to split California into 3, from what I heard on NPR this morning, mainly that it received many many more signatures than it needed to get on the ballot, sounds like it may have a chance at passing. Thoughts?


Righties are complaining that we are turning one blue state into 3 and that’s not fair

Lefties are complaining that we are turning one blue state into 1 blue and 2 red and that’s unfair gerrymandering (concentrating blues into one and diffusing them sparsely into the other two).

Congress would have to admit new states and I doubt it would fly, we’ll see.


Wabbit is probably about right. I think it’s politically impossible to pull off, although I might like it better split up, in an imaginary future, from 2000 miles away.


+1 for Rabbit,

I fell in love with the area, but the laws outright suck.

I’d be willing to live here if it wasn’t “California”


They suck if you want to buy a new pistol, or if you don’t like brown people. Otherwise CA is a net tax exporter to the country and a towering economy.


Have I mentioned how much I love living in the Bay Area?


So they wouldn’t sell you cigarettes, or what?


Now, if we can just get downstate Illinois handed over to Iowa and Missouri, we’d improve the IQs of all three states by ten points.


Someone in South Jersey would try this, despite the fact all the money, expensive real estate, scenery, and jobs are in North Jersey. South Jersey would be home to Camden, Trenton, Atlantic City and…well there you go.

New Jersey is the one state this splitting could never happen. Seriously, citizen petition initiatives are banned by the state constitution. Only the elected officeholders can change things here. It’s fucked up beyond belief people would allow this and not protest in some form.


All my guns and all my cars are illegal here.


If I got pulled over with the magazine’s on my plate carrier, I’m sure I’d get a felony for that.