Sometimes we simply assume someone has heard a song we consider canon


This couple had never ever never heard ‘When the Levee Breaks’ and I really liked their reaction to it.

This guy had an epiphany the first time ever hearing Bohemian Rhapsody


I heard it first from Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy, a 1929 recording, probably about the time Jimmy Page discovered it (1962 in my case,) I wasn’t a big Zep fan and barely listened to their cover.

Bohemian Rhapsody OTOH is a true original.


I remember when my parents took us to the Symphony when we were young, I was actually pretty impressed the power, the subtilties of the emotions and shit, till I realized sometime later in life, that those snobby assholes in cheap tuxes were playing songs from like hundreds of years ago. Lol, KPWNED!


My mother took me to an opera once when I was about 10. Just for kicks, when it was over I stood up and yelled out “encore” 4 or 5 times . My mother was mortified.:rofl: