Sometimes you just have to share


I was working a menial repetitive job right out of HS when Synchronicity came out, and the radio was playing King of Pain maybe once an hour and it was driving me nuts. I had to buy the album just so I could read what the damn lyrics were so I could know what it said.

Ended up loving the whole thing, except maybe Stuart’s weird scream about his Mother.


I thought that was Jim Morrison?


My favorite band of all time.


For Apey, noone else need be tortured by this


Odd I don’t recall hearing that song, although I probably did at some point.


The rest of the album was quite good. Murder by Numbers was my 2nd-fave, my fave was Wrapped Around my Finger


I’m afraid I missed the boat with the Police, due to the sappy stalkerishness of their early hits. I didn’t really figure out that Sting was a heavyweight until this.

Then I had a bromance with Sting for a few years. But I’m unaware of his having done much of relevance in the last 2 decades, even so.


I liked Dream of the Blue Turtles just fine, but after that Sting kind of morphed into a “Look how evolved I am, Look!” charicature to me.


Before I get into tonight’s discussion about Jihad on America The Great Satan, Let me share with you my award winning interpretation of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.


I hope everyone knows who Cockburn is.


Little known fun fact, he stole my Penthouse Forum Letters pen name.


He of “Why should the devil have all the good music” :wink:



So. Apparently the record producers didn’t want ‘Bring Me To Life’ with just Amy singing, to girly. So against her objections (she was a n00b of only 21) they brought in the guy to rap on it. The result in my opinion is bangin’ awesome.

But she re-did it her way a couple of years ago. Forget what you know of the original and try to listen with fresh ears. I think it’s the same vocal track but I am not certain of it.

Speakers on 11 recommended



I’ve always liked Amy but rarely have I felt she needed strings, overproduction or most of the other stuff she always has. I’d love to produce an album for her though.


TBH I thought of this as a curiosity. I’d actually listened to the Synthesis album on one of my flights to Europe and decided I didn’t need to own it. I did like this as an isolated piece but still prefer the original. Sorry Amy, I guess I am a Trog


Never heard of her, before they just played her on my local jazz station.