Sounding like the WEED is going to be recreationally LEGAL in NJ by April


How fast will the pot bill pass?
Senate President Stephen Sweeney D-Gloucester, has pledged to pass a bill legalizing recreational marijuana within the first three months of a Murphy administration.

Murphy said he would sign it right away.

Here’s how that could work out in the early months of 2018:

Jan. 9: New Democratic-dominated Legislature sworn-in. Sen. Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, the chief proponent of legalizing marijuana could introduce a new version of his bill (S3195) right away;
Jan. 16: Democrat Phil Murphy is inaugurated governor;
January through end of March: Public hearings, lobbying and arm-twisting, followed by a vote in both houses of the Legislature;
March-April: If it passes, Murphy signs bill into law.


IL is supposed to vote on it next year I guess, a lot of stuck in the mud idiots here still though, I can see it not going through and if they do legalize it the business will be totally given to their state licensed producers and distributors who gave them millions of dollars to get into the medical game… there’s a huge grow op in the area where I grew up and it’s probably running at 20% or less capacity.


Making it recreationally legal could save Atlantic City. If other gambling cites on the east coast don’t have recreational weed AC becomes a destination again