Space force all the way



No chance in hell.


I thot we already had weapons in space

Maybe they did not tell cheeto yet

D_M always said when you saw theOne and Putin together, theOne was always smiling and Putin was frowning

It was cause we could wipe Russia out in 9 seconds -


I bet he wants to use illegals esp kids for experiments in space

I mean why send a white person until you work the kinks out

No borders in space yet so they would not be illegal any more

doing them a favor really

and when we do grow stuff on some planet the survivors can pick the crops

fucking brilliant


He’s brilliant that way.


Read “A Gift from Earth” by SciFi genius Larry Niven (of Ringworld fame). Basically when they sent out a colony, they set it up so that the “servant class” could be woken up on arrival to set up the domiciles etc and then awaken the colonizer class to get to the real terraforming and governing business. Well, the servant class entrenched themselves and didn’t wake up the elites until they could turn the tables around. Because who wants to be in the lower class if you can control that.

Not a spoiler, it’s the scene-setup for the rest of the book.


That sounds fucking great - I shall look it up -

thanks - Sci-fi is my favorite


Another subtheme in the setup you will like as well. Organ transplants get easier, but on this new planet parts are hard to come by, even in growth tanks, so the criminal justice system gets to the point that you can get executed for two traffic tickets, so you can contribute to more upstanding people.

Again, not a spoiler. The fun begins out of all this when a shipment arrives from Mother Earth (hence the title). GREAT book.

I fricken LOVE Larry NIven’s work.