Speaking of statues


In this undated photo, probably sometime in the last ten years, four women protest in front of a statue of J. Marion Sims, a physician in NY before the civil war, who has long been considered by the AMA as the Father of Modern Gynecology.


The Sims statue occupied a prominent space outside the NY Academy of Medicine for quite a number of years, but was finally removed in 2018 after being targeted by protesters. It seems that in the 1840s Sims purchased Black women slaves and used them as guinea pigs for his untested surgical experiments. He repeatedly performed genital surgery on Black women WITHOUT ANESTHESIA because according to him, "Black women don’t feel pain.”

I recall reading about the removal of the statue a couple of years back, but evidently it FOUND A NEW HOME. If you wanna see some stomach-turning mansplaining by a privileged old white prick about why it still exists, feel free to consult this video.


In Budapest they took down all the old statues from the Communist area and stuck them all in a park outside of town. So you can go and contemplate the horrors of man, or be wistful of your heritage, or whatever but all in one place.





John Calhoun’s came down. I was pleased as fuck. Fuck that racist motherfucker, he was a strong advocate of slavery.

I hope he’s burning.


I think we should keep this one.



lol thanks, I saw that one yesterday and have been looking for it.


There is apparently a kind of legend for the horse, having to with weather or not it’s rearing, and the number of hooves in the air. I learned that from Rick Steves travel shows.