Spoon moved another of my threads today


This is yet another example of his seamless moderation.

I think he should be replaced.


WTF are you talking about?

BTW, I AM moving this, for reasons which have been unchanged on CBT since 2008. Get a grip on yourself.


WTF am I talking about? The locked thread. Are you serious???

Will this be #3?

LINK, please. I’ve locked nothing today.


Sorry, @Spoon . I thought you locked (because of the lock icon) the threads I posted about.


There is a lock icon that shows in any reference to the Lounge. Evidently it’s meant to remind us that the Lounge is secure from bots and not visible to guests, and thus a suitable place for forum business. But a locked thread will display a similar icon in the thread title.


Maybe a Cone of Silence icon would help distinguish between the two.


I think he does a fine job. It’s hard to believe adults require moderation at all.


That’s my whole point. We don’t. He likes to piss me off.


Look - this is just the way he has found to exercise his control freak nature. We tolerate him for the most part, but there are times he goes too far. TOO FAR!


Starling, I think you’d get it if he fucked with your threads on an ongoing basis.


You assume I’d care.


Oh noes!


I come from boards where some Aussie asshole doesn’t like you and convinces mods to ban you for sport. Where mods DELETED posts they didn’t agree with or threw legitimate replies into shitpoast collection threads. They’d lock you in or out of subforums if they didn’t like you.

You doth protest too much methinks.


Most of us hail from a board in which none of that shite ever happened.

Just sayin’.


What was your nic at the Outhouse?


And none of it goes on here either so take it ease.




“Take it ease” is Italo for “relax, it ain’t that bad”.


Now that you know better, I would think being sorry would entail some title edits at the very least.


Yeah. As soon as I get your apology.