Spoon moved another of my threads today


Apologizing isn’t strong with this group.


Fuck you means the same thing, so actually we’re apologizing all the time.


He just wants your attention. It’s the same as dipping a girl’s pig tails in the ink well like he used to do when he was a schoolboy.


LOL! I’ll have to make a note of that.


I made the edit, and apologized, yet, where’s Spoon’s apology?

Yeah, I know. I won’t hold my breath.


Wait…where’s MY apology from you?


Lotus - just say Fuck You and be done with it.


She did that already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay - so what you want a second apology for?


I want a Canadian one.


I want him to apologize fer lying. Did I lie to you?


I think she needs to quit the meatshielding. Let Spoon settle his scores.


You lied about me.


Meatshielding? No peanut, I don’t like it when people fight. I’ve gone back to my roots.


Well - this is a liberal board, so we allow fighting.


That’s something I did not know about you.


Well that probably wasn’t as true when I started here as much as it is now but as a general rule, I don’t like it when people fight. I’m the middle child of divorced parents and all.


I just worry people are going to split up and shit. Makes me nervous.


No one would die on that account. They’d just be reborn…or something maybe.


I hope so.