Spoon's health update


Sorry to hear, Spoonie.

… I guess you really did snort that angel dust with Wolfie off the top of that AO barrel, huh?


Yer fucked in the hed


Tinctures might make you feel “relaxed”, but they have little noticeable high, they are the favorite method for med cannabis patients who don’t want to get stoned


All right then, you get a plussie for that. It’s imaginative and fresh.

I’ve actually never dusted phencyclidine. It was around by the mid-seventies, but not my thing. But in the mid-sixties, nobody but veterinarians even knew wtf it was.


Me neither. Packed my nose with that Peruvian flake a few times, but never much cared for it. I just figured you were getting fucked up on something when you were over there killing slopes for god and country.


Yeah, there was plenty of good weed for cheap. Also, once during a temporary local weed famine in Pleiku (occasioned by a lot of GIs in town and an unexpected run on supply) I went to the Buddhist temple sexton who was my usual guy and he was sorry…but no weed…He offered me what he did have, which was dried poppies without the ope, dried and shredded…and it was a lovely smoke which I did repeat a few times whenever I got back up there. Not at all like doing ope fer real, but more relaxing and less jangly than weed.

Also I hardly used a drop of alcohol while there, even though it was available. Did spend one weekend in a safe place sipping real anisette, though.

EDIT…did I say anisette? I meant to say absinthe.


I am sorry to hear about your problems. Some cancers are slow growing.

I had a tooth extracted once where the blood clot washed away. It was very painful.

When did you go to Nam?


It’s my understanding there was a bit of a skirmish going on at the time.


I got drafted around 1970. I was rejected. I had no idea that I would be. I remember standing in line outside the physical test center. There were a bunch of Dirty Hippies standing around with protest signs. I totally agreed with them but I had to play it cool until I could figure out what to do.

A couple of memories:

A couple of Puerto Ricans on the train going to the center who didn’t understand English. LOL

Two lines of naked young men told to bent over and spread their cheeks while facing a wall. A doctor walked up and down the row and when he saw one recruit with a woody he said "Son, you’re not getting out of here until that Damn Thing goes down. Fun Times.




Never tried it, but I hear it’s a mellow trip.

Anyway, keep your head up, man. We all have you in our prayers whether it’s to Frea or that jew guy they nailed to a tree.


Saw the sawbones today. Nothing much to report, only change since last visit 6 wees ago was “platelet count is down, but it was up last time compared to December.” So he’s having trouble getting a read on that.

He says he could technically be justified in beginning a course of treatment now, but thinks it better to chill out for another six weeks and look at the numbers then. I agree with him.

So, no change for now. Just watch and wait. Next visit, end of Aprl.

I tried to talk him out of a Vitimin B12 shot and the fucker wouldn’t even give me THAT. :open_mouth:


My dad is going thru that now, he will be getting a marrow test this week or next. His numbers began to rise again, but slowly. Best of luck to ya


Hang in there man.


Take the B yourself. Get food-source Vitamin B.


But only the range fed VIT B -

Hope you stay well!


Don’t know what that means. But honestly, there are vitamins that are made from foods rather than chemicals. Those food-sourced vitamins are better. Look it up.

Edit: Just sayin’, fer fuck’s sake. And honestly, trying to help.


It was a joke - good lord


I was just sayin’. Good lord.


Just stick with your doctor’s plan and maybe look at some alternative regimens to boost the healing. I can’t really comment on dietary because it’s not an option for me right now. The 2 things I’m trying right now are healing stones and subliminals. Subliminals are cool because you can just pop a CD in the car and enjoy the relaxing music. Healing stones are a bit new age, but they do seem to work. I wear them in a native American medicine pouch around my neck. Shungite is the best for Leukemia but it is hard to find. Amethyst and bloodstone are also great for cancer and smokey quartz is just a great all around healer. I also believe my use of RSO has aided the convention treatment. If at any point you feel you’d like to try the RSO regimen, let me know and I’d be happy to make you a batch. It is rather expensive to purchase.