Spoon's health update


WebMD has a doc rater doesn’t it?


I think so. I believe I did look him up on some rater when first referred to him last winter, and he only had a few reviews. All were positive.


I would doubt the AMA does, although they should.


Just an update. Saw my oncologist this week. Leukemia numbers are still acceptable and fairly stable, with some indicators sliding up and down but not drastically. Currently the problem is thrombocytopenia, low platelet count, which is probably a free-standing issue not caused by the leukemia but just an immuno dysfunction.

I need to have a skin surgery for a basal cell and it’s Mohs surgery which takes half a day usually. Need for my blood to be able to clot for this. So I’m getting my first chemo to treat the immune problem, in a couple of weeks. It should give me a week or so of blood that clots properly. The surgery will follow in a few days, and I’ll also get some (overdue) dental work done that week. This will all go down the first week of February.

ETA…vitamins…multivits, D3 and fish oil for the omega-3 and -6 benefits. That all seems to help. I still have occasional “up” and “down” days but things are pretty stable and okay overall.


I’ve heard that Mohs surgery can sometimes be pretty hard. Good luck Brother.


That’s a bit disturbing.


I had a Mohs done on my temple, it took 4 rounds to get it all. I stayed pretty idle for a couple of days and came out fairly well. Good luck.


Thanks…I’ve had several (four or five) Mohs resections several years ago, all one surgeon whom I liked. This is a new guy but he’s well reviewed. I didn’t find it too awful.

This one is prolly gonna take at least half a day. I’ll be lucky to get off with four rounds.


I saw the C word and burst into tears

((( Peachy )))


Fuck, I am so sorry (probably sick of hearing that particular phrase as it’s negative I don’t mean it other than in an empathy way). Stay strong and eat right during and after chemo.

But damn, nobody wants moths. Hell on clothes imagine what hey do to your insides.

Also, I’ll bet you got the moths at Cosmic Outpost


(I was going for a “Mohs Scale” pun joke dealio, but in a comforting manor. I’m an autist, I don’t empathy too good)


Thanks guys. It’s important to remember, the leukemia is NOT any worse than a year ago and I can cope with it okay. The chemo is only for the annoying immune disorder that is fukking up my blood. I’ll keep you posted, in the mean time no worries please.


I had been gathering that you were maintaining ok, but we are still pulling for you.


Happy Saturday. Did I mention that I had a generous slice of blueberry pie for breakfast?


My apologies for not keeping up with this thread, but in truth I had little to report. Not much change on the cancer front, but a year and a half ago I had my first angina event. I’ve had a cardiologist since then, but symptoms too nebulous to warrant breaching the elevated bleeding issues with a diagnostic heart cath.

Recently the cardiac symptoms got profoundly worse. I’m in hospital tonight being prepped for a triple coronary bypass in the morning. It may be a few days before I or Gypsy can post an update.

Meanwhile, T& P please.


Um, okay, wow. T&P on the way


I’ll Roger that one.

My Cousin a lifelong country Club Jock, who bicycled through part of France and Italy on his Honeymoon…found out during a routine insurance health exam…that he had massive blockage, they did a quintuple bypass on him, within a couple days(perks of working at a Hospital I suppose) that was a long time ago, and he is still alive and well.


Best of luck! It sounds like you are ahead of the game, I think that you will be alright.


I hope it goes well - Dawn had that done years ago

Luckily I knew someone at the hospital to keep me updated (my angel I call her) - cause sometimes they get amnesia and forget your waiting.

Again, I hope it goes well

You need to make sure she get updates - and they don’t forget


Best of luck on the procedure. I hope all goes well. Good thoughts being sent your way.