Spoon's Safe Space


I’ve been advised that I need to chill.
I mean, “really really really” need to.

I think I’ll give it a try.



After some reflection, I’ve decided to use the Lounge as a sanctuary from certain posters who make free to abuse and bully me while expecting me not to hit back. This will be that place.

Although I’ve locked the thread, the administrators (and any moderators there may be) can still override the lock and post in this thread. You, gentle readers, can only read it if you like. You are welcome to reply to me privately, and I may or may not read your replies depending on whether or not I consider you a PM hatemail abuser.

I intend to exercise this privilege from time to time in order to comment on things that happen in the general forum. But for today, I will probably just chill some more.


I note that Midge has decided to troll my decision by announcing that he will turn off his computer. “I think I’ll call the safe space My LivingRoom, and there…I will be safe.”

I applaud his decision. It seems a wise choice, at least until he figures out how to stop spamposting the same link without looking to see who else may have already posted it.



I note that one of my frequent abusers is kvetching on the boards below, about my “hiding out” here.

It should be obvious that I haven’t flounced off to stew in private. I am here and of course I will try to keep up with current topics. I simply don’t care to post on those threads right now, or share my thoughts with people who are unapologetically rude or uncivil to me, or with those who live in alternative universes where language is different.


It’s hard to find original Dylan material on YT, due to the relentless, ruthless policing of YT by his “intellectual property” people. But there are quite a few good covers if you poke around. And in my self-exile and chilling exercise, I have plenty of time for that.


Wow, a poster is seemingly channeling the Original Cindybin today in the thread about prostitutes.


And now, someone has started a highly ironic thread about epitaphs.

One hopes others will join the thread and share the embarrassment.


It seems that I can safely START topics without getting abused, at least so long as I choose topics that I know my abuser will not be able to find immediate fault with. So as long as I refrain from commenting on any threads, I will be safe (which as we all know, is my primary concern.)

But I am getting concerned that those who only come here to pick fights with people are apparently running out of people to fight with. And I wonder what will happen next.


On a joyous note, Gypsy and I are blessed by the birth early this morning of our grand-niece Lena, in L.A. I think she’s remarkably cute, as newborns go.

Her tears are probably from thinking about how much piggy man ass she’s going to have to kick in this life.


So far, “The Longest War” has produced only a meager beginning of a Long Discussion.

One hopes others may contribute to it.


Big difference between 83% and 40% of something.


Saw this somewhere, attributed to @WitchKing

“Trump’s last tweet was so childish, Roy Moore wanted to date it.”