Started walking in the mornings last week


6:33 - 7:52 this morning, looks like I’m going to get rained out the rest of the week.


I’ve lost about 5lbs so far, which I can tell the difference looking in a mirror, I guess 5lbs is the equivalent of a 5lb bag of flour… Also the morning walks seem like they give me more energy through the day.


Back when I used to lap swim most every morning, if I skipped a day, I felt sluggish and grungy all day, like I didn’t get enough sleep and had skipped the shower in the morning.

Just grab one of these for the cold and rainy days.


Dats a pretty good guess! Srsly


Yeah if an hour a day will do 20lbs a year that’s like 4 5lb bags of flour or 2.5 gallon jugs of water… quite a bit of blubber!


Did the short hour long walk today because it’s getting ready to rain, but cut 11 minutes off of it by jogging some of it. 6:45-7:34.

After I shed a couple more 5lb bags of flour I’m probably going to start running if my knees can take it.


Pretty soon IRONMAN - GO SIGN UP




out the door at 6:22 back at 7:14… I got most of the way up the path and there they were spraying the bug spray I smell on it… ugghhh, I’d really rather take my chances with the bugs.


You see when you gave up smoking you gave up the benefits

like, you never would have smelled the bug spray

on the other hand you would not have been on that path to smell it

so, now it gets complicated


I would have smelled it even while smoking, always been sensitive to that sort of shit.

What has really increased my sniffer beyond imagination is the estradiol… I can smell everything now.


I am going to start walking again soon, I won’t announce my times though because my ankles are not that good. I am thinking about swimming as well.


my knee wasn’t feeling that great today after jogging a little yesterday! I think I’m going to stick to the walking… where are you going to swim at? My girlfriend was talking about joining the Y so she could start swimming. I would like to go swimming but I worry about pool cleanliness and then the whole locker room thing and what would I wear stuff… lol


I would love to swim in some of the lakes/large ponds around my area but they currently have a major problem with toxic blue/green algae. It’s nasty stuff, it forms large mats several inches thick. I think that there is a problem with septic and lawn fertilizer run off.

I have been mulling the idea of building a small exercise pool at home, 6’ by 9’ by 4’. Not likely to actually happen.:slightly_smiling_face:

The other option is to use the public pool, I hope they use a lot of Clorox. LOL


No walking today, got rained out and the gf was home so I slept in with her… my calves hurt anyways.

Maybe I’ll go out to the mall in the mornings this winter and walk with the old folks.


LR, you’re a man of some means, you should get one of those, I forget what they call them but one of those swimming pools that creates a current you swim against, so you’re like swimming in place

I guess some outfits call them ‘endless pools’


I walked today

got the newspaper - 300 feet and back

rest now


Relax and have a Lucky…


I cannot imagine what the first one would taste like

and how do folks get past that when they start - including me