Submit wives



I do not watch TV religious shows except this one time I caught some religious dude giving a sermon and he was preaching that it was a sin to turn down one’s husband. It sounded like total brain washing.


He is a Baptist minister - they are stone fucking crazy

I made the mistake of going to a Baptist funeral once

In a hot crowded room sitting 2 inches away from the next person the preacher screamed for 90 straight minutes about fucking CC

And like you can’t leave - never again -NEVER


And one might wonder why the South is so backyards


They could not get voted in without female support - what does that mean

Maybe most want that - I DON’T KNOW for sure, but sometimes I think they do


The women are brainwashed too.


I heard a preacher splain what submit meant and it was not like this guy said

It was like work together and submit by helping the man make decisions - but kind of defer if push came to shove



Is the argument that men are inherently wiser?


Certainly not in ancient Jewish culture; the women ran things at home. I think it’s to provide a focal point and/or tiebreaker. I know the modern team concept has everyone contributing and one person being the focal point, not that they have more say unless there is no consensus. Of course this can be abused in ANY setting; the Church IMO has abused it for thousands of years.


I still don’t understand the underlying point about the male being this focal point. The only thing I can say it’s based on is physical strength.

Which, I believe is a poor rationale.


I guess might makes right or something. Anyway it’s based on papal bull for a few centuries as well, along with yer Southern Baptist misogyny.


I agree that it’s based on RCC dogma, but many Christian sects have followed it throughout history.


What the hell is the difference - suppose the wife ruled - what wud be the rationale for that

Someone has to have the final say - don’t matter much who to me


In my house it can be either. Depending on who knows more about a thing, or who’s in the soup (like when my wife’s mom died or when I was dealing with issues my brother had).


Shouldnt it depend on each relationship and each couple could determine what works for them?

Why should any entity chime in?


Of course -