Sunday Morning with Six



Two things I got for you.
per Nietzsche:

  1. You have definitely owned yourself.
  2. If you want to know what women want,
    ask Billdo/Billda before it’s too late.

PS: Hey - where’s this guy’s dusty baseball cap and sweat suit?



Don’t you have some felt to brush or a tie rack to make sure all are aligned by color then strips, then cartoon characters


So, you’re cheating on us with STFU?


Ask some women.

(Hint: we’re not all the same)




You heard her ! :angry:


That was Nietzsche and 6 who can not figure that out - but I think Billdo/Billda may have a window of insight few can claim.


Yer so insightful you shud make some vids - I mean we all would learn so much


What would I say that I can’t say right here in writing?

The Bass await.


If you wanna be successful at this you just have to ignore the haters and keep on doing your thing…


I think most women want a housewife


And to not BE housewives.


Are you paying your cat to be your sidekick, Six?


Them haters are the werst.


I saved his crazy ass life - that shud be payment enuf

picture 3 forklifts going around like crazy and him chasing the plastic wrapped around the pallets they are carrying

he actually got hit by one and I heard him yell thru 2 closed steel insulated doors

that’s when I threw him in my car

the guys driving the forklifts said we watch out for him, but we have to get the job done

and he really did play under 18 wheelers backing up to loading docks

never seen anything like it

he used up 900 lives not 9


Ah. So now he’s yer indentured servant.


You’re not trollin 6, are yeh?


Trollin? No. Just conversatin’.


Isn’t that what it’s all about?