Tasteless but still funny




Still missing the 2nd half of that thing


Oh, I didn’t post it, the first par. is really the crux of it all.


From the BD6 department

My girlfriend and I had sex a couple of days ago.
She looked at me and said, “Turn the light off and stick it in my butt”.
I guess I should have waited for the bulb to cool off first.


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I’m a scientist who’s researching bestiality between humans and dogs…
If you’d like more details, I’ll be in my lab.


I hate Hitler jokes
They take me out of mein kampfort zone.



Didn’t know what a Mondeo was so


If you don’t know what to wear, just come in your jeans



So what’s wet on the inside
hairy on the outside
starts with a "c"
ends with a "t"
and has a “u” and a “n” in between?









A coconut



My kid and I were in a very crowded public restroom at a sporting arena, after looking to the man using the urinal to his right, my 6 year old son turns to address me on his left and exclaims…
"Daddy, that man’s wiener is a lot bigger than yours!"
The whole bathroom heard and looked immediately at me.
So I put my hand around my kid and told him, "Well son, that’s because daddy isn’t aroused by men.”


A woman in the news had to have a canister of perfume removed from her rectum. It was Chanel No. 2.


Man: Hello 911? My wife and I have been in an accident and she hit the windshield.

911: How’s her head?

Man: Not bad, but her sister’s better.





What do broccoli and anal sex have in common?
If you were forced to try it as a kid, you probably don’t like it as an adult.