Tell Oak hello


Awwww :(. I miss the Brazilian updates.




Oh, wow. OK. I guess that was an important issue to be corrected on. Even though it was a stupid, and virtually pointless, joke, Gotta make sure the details are precise! Woot, woot!


You were banned from the entire innernets? WTF did you do?



He’s a good boy.


What’s the address there?


I don’t have anything bad to say about Oak, up until the non stop Oak-Lotus brawls she was generally a fun poster, she can be a bit too much on overdrive, a little crazy, fall off the deep end, and or push things too far sometimes but so can I. Tell her I said high if you want…


Wow. That was nice…for you


I’m always nice.


Billdo I do appreciate your having provided all of us here now and in the past, a little corner of the internet to call home for all these years.




I :heart: facts.


You mean Tuppid, don’t ya?


Tx, I’m there.

I also like a homey little site called

It’s another Yahoo message board refugee camp.

No Sunnddiii, sadly.


What’s wrong with fascism?




She’s out of her mind.


Lotus, I don’t give a flying fuck what you think about anyone.




Your insults don’t interest me either.