Tell Oak hello


Whereas I am sure you think your insults interest me.


I’m not personally insulting you. I’m not calling you names. I’m just disinterested in the constant conflict you seem to want to wallow in.


Nice rationalization.


You two belong together.


I’m awake and SOOOOO tired of the name calling.

Like I said, I have enjoyed you when you’ve dropped the defensiveness. That part of interacting with you has been a pleasure.


Well, isn’t THIS just a lovely puddle of spite and malice?

It’s sullied the general forum long enough, IMO.


It was expected.


From you as well as from me, lovely.


Why are you so angry?


Why are you?


I’m not even a little bit angry nor am I lashing out at people.

Love the edits BTW.


she was easily agitated.


One can always find a liberalforum where Oak is not welcome.



I try to differentiate between people and behaviour. People are welcome whereas some of their behaviours are not.


Which one is your board?


I’ve finally found the cartoon that best sums up my long acquaintance with you, @LotusBud.


LOL I kinda banned myself


Were you in trouble with your wife?

Anyway, rancid, I hope Brasil improves itself and that you live long and prosper!


I was taking some time off, had some things to do

I checked here once in a while, but didn’t log in

And thanks for the well wishes, but Brazil is still in a shit heap of problems

Economy improved a little and we’re done with the recession, supposedly

But the rest is only getting worse, most notably criminality and extreme, gratuitous violence.