The Barbarians are at the gates release the noxious gases!


I bet the Mexicans love us firing tear gas into their Country.

Will Assad attack us

Did you read the article? The border town of Mexico doesn’t even want them there- they are creating an economic crisis apparently. That and Mexico showed up with riot shields, themselves.

“US agents”, did right by firing tear gas at people breaking through the border- which by the way, is illegal… fucking duh.

TL;DR… this is great news.


I was hoping and praying that someday I could see the Palestinian Conflict play out in my own country, and now I am!


Used to be if I found a bottle with a Genie and I got one wish I would wish for a million more wishes

Well, the genie prolly would not agree and I would only get one wish

I would use it to put Boro in the crowd looking for a better life - fact


I’m betting that the Mayor of Tijuana and the Mexican “protestors” are all being paid to make a ruckus.
We have millions of illegal aliens in the country, somehow this group is soooooooooooooooo very different.

People are stupid sheep in this country.


I think the Mayor of Tijuana would appreciate some basic assistance, if there are in fact thousands of asylum seekers flocking into their town, those people will need water, food, shelter etc, crowds of scared and hungry people can get unruly


I’m sure that’s true. But the histrionics? That’s all manufactured.


If you don’t wanna get hit with teargas when entering a country illegally, don’t enter the country illegally.
Seems pretty common sense to me.



Cons: lib protesters are paid
Libs: lol you’re an idiot that’s impossible

Libs: I bet all those Mexicans and Hondurans were paid
Cons: :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:


Good thing you’re not a con tho, amirite?


^^^Still thinks the Asylum process is illegal


^^^ Maybe you should let them know climbing through barbed wire and and literally hopping the border isn’t part of the process for gaining asylum.


Tear gas the fuck out of anyone who fucks the process.

I bet I could Google up the exact process- in Spanish. Too easy.


Good thing I’m not a hypocritical piece of shite… :slight_smile:

Don’t you think it’s funny though, the libs bitch about something the cons do- then they do it. LOL




The white supremacist Nazi fucks will be assimilated - count on it


I got you, boo. I know you can’t scroll up- as evidenced by how you always jump topics and forget things.

Here ya go.


Yer point?


I’m glad you agree with me that liberals are absolute shite.


Oak was merely stating a hypothetical, that with all this Administration’s shenanigans is not beyond imagination for it to engineer something scary.



I found it interesting that each person the media interviewed spoke English fairly well.

Not that common in Mexico.