The Barbarians are at the gates release the noxious gases!


How is the US gov helping? It’s non-profit groups and maybe soon the UN that is helping these refugees.


So you don’t think the US gov accepting hundreds of Asylum seekers a day isn’t helping?

I don’t know if any aide workers are gov sponsored or not, to be honest.

Regardless, if they didn’t come up in a caravan attempt to force the hand of the US- they’d be fine. Power in numbers they say…but they aren’t gonna change immigration policy just because there’s 30k+ of them.

They’ll wait their turn or they won’t come in. Absolutely no problem with this.


There arent 30k of them. They come in caravans for their own safety, not as a threat to anyone.

How can some of the citizens of the strongest most powerful and potentially destructive military force that has ever existed be such freaking pussies?


Why can’t people just follow laws?
This is literally what this is about- if these “asylum seekers” didn’t try to enter the country illegally, they would’ve been fine. Get it through your skull.


Because it’s not simple to do so when the US is acting like dicks.

How about bringing immigration workers to the border instead of the military.

Why not? Because thst might work.


You dont think there’s immigration workers at the border?



Were they the ones throwing gas grenades?




Not enough.




What about the fact that it wasn’t military and they weren’t projectiles?


I’m fine with going to war with Mexico… nothing like an easy win, but it wasn’t an act of war… don’t be foolish.


Nothing like an easy win. How courageous.


So You wouldn’t be annoyed or even angry if I drove by your house and threw shit in your yard?


@Borommakot Sit down shut up and watch this. This the reality of where we are today. Emma sums this up very nicely. Forget about the producer of the vid, you can’t deny America has been treating Central America like a red headed stepchild for generations.

We burned our neighbors out of their homes and then gassed them when they knocked on our door looking for some help.



They fought, with violence, to get into the country illegally and were stopped- justly- by the Border Patrol.

By the way, military and lethal force have nothing to do with this…your one sided Vice Story (lmao) makes it sound so much worse… fake as fuck.


Fuck off with that nonsense, are you suggesting Latino Americans don’t have cell phones?.Serious question tho, you’re in the infantry, how often do you guys train using tear gas as a weapon?


3 days of it once a year. Inside the vehicle, outside, with and without a gas mask. I’ve volunteered for it, too. Helps get rid of the sickness… :wink: Plus MP, Police etc all get maced, which if you didn’t know… has tear gas in it.
You didn’t know tear gas is used by most police forces?

I’ve never trained with it offensively, only defensively.


Look at all those scary toddlers