The Battle For Portland. about 2 nights ago, i think?


Posted on FB by a friend of a friend of a relative of mine

I can report, first hand, that the protest in Portland is nothing like a riot in the slightest way. This is my experience…
7:00 - met friends and walked across the bridge to dowtown.
Saw camp-type set-up with quiet crowd across from the courthouse.
Met up with another friend who had been taking photos in that area.
Walked a few blocks to the waterfront where a rally was happening.
A few people spoke, there was a drum circle, there was singing, I learned what solfeg is as the crowd was led in a beautiful call and response in it (of it?).
People whose heart wasn’t in the cause were politely asked to leave (no one did). Everyone was thanked for being there. There was some chanting. People danced.
9:00-ish - It was time to get ready to march. One of the speakers asked for a show of hands of people who came alone. These people were asked to buddy-up, to look out for one another. We were advised that marching was dangerous. We were told where to go if we were tear-gassed. We were instructed to help people up if they fall (to avoid trampling). It was kind. The speaker was earnest in their desire for everyone to stay safe. We were asked to not be violent or destructive.
9:30-ish - we began walking en masse to the courthouse.
Neil and I stayed at the courthouse until maybe 10:30. There was chanting and drumming. There were cars full of water and other supplies people were handing out.
There was no violence.
There was no destruction of property.
These ineloquent and insufficient words are mine. I saw this with my own eyes. This is not copied and pasted from a news feed. I, Tina, experienced this first hand, along with friends.