The Cruelty is the point


"The artifacts that persist in my memory, the way a bright flash does when you close your eyes, are the photographs of lynchings. But it’s not the burned, mutilated bodies that stick with me. It’s the faces of the white men in the crowd. There’s the photo of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith in Indiana in 1930, in which a white man can be seen grinning at the camera as he tenderly holds the hand of his wife or girlfriend. There’s the undated photo from Duluth, Minnesota, in which grinning white men stand next to the mutilated, half-naked bodies of two men lashed to a post in the street—one of the white men is straining to get into the picture, his smile cutting from ear to ear. There’s the photo of a crowd of white men huddled behind the smoldering corpse of a man burned to death; one of them is wearing a smart suit, a fedora hat, and a bright smile.

Their names have mostly been lost to time. But these grinning men were someone’s brother, son, husband, father. They were human beings, people who took immense pleasure in the utter cruelty of torturing others to death—and were so proud of doing so that they posed for photographs with their handiwork, jostling to ensure they caught the eye of the lens, so that the world would know they’d been there. Their cruelty made them feel good, it made them feel proud, it made them feel happy. And it made them feel closer to one another"

Trumpsters are the descendants of the generations of America that institutionalized White Supremacy by terror, hate and enjoyment of others’ pain.


A good piece. I would only add that the people who operate under this mentality also think that everyone else does as well. When the tables turn they have an ingrained fear that the cruelties they have perpetrated will in turn be visited upon them by their former victims.


You mean, they fear karma.


I believe their fears are largely unfounded. The African American community in Charleston, SC reacted with forgiveness after Dylan Roof came into that house of worship, and in cold blood, gunned down 9 people because of the color of their skin.

Nevermind thst the whole civil rights movement was peaceful.

Their fear of payback is just more projection of their own putridness.


Europe didn’t send their best and brightest.