The democracy according to the left


And their real legacy for Brazil’s future - a civil war


If he’s the Brazilian Donny Chump you should be thanking someone! :stuck_out_tongue:


So is your donny chump an illiterate obese moron too? :slight_smile:


Also no sympathy for right wing fucktards, they’d kill all of us if they could! Fuck you guys!


If that’s what you think you haven’t been paying attention.

If the conservatives really wanted that, they could have done it.

But unfortunately, due to the latest events, it’s becoming clear it might get to that.

It’s nice to see that fake image of the “peaceful left” is nothing but bullshit. It will make things easier.


Good to see ya Rancid. Thanks for the laff!


Why be peaceful with a bunch of nazi mother fuckers that will kill you if given half a chance?


Hope your fat Trump fuck dies Rancid!



no collateral damage is too high a price to pay to wipe the earth of cons


There is a difference in striving for peaceful coexistence, and creating wars for profits.


I know you do. But since lefties are all incompetent retards they didn’t manage to kill him.

And now, he’s gonna be stronger than ever and pretty soon, it will be open season on lefties here after he wins.

The army already started the purge in Rio and pretty soon, it’s gonna be everywhere.


What are you waiting for?

Bring it on.


You mean, like they are doing in Venezuela? Or Nicaragua? Or how it happened in every communist country?

Like I said, the cons could have destroyed the lefties a long time ago.

But first, we needed to be certain that would be necessary,

And now, it’s clear. It is necessary.


You should create a country just for fat dumb rat con fucks, we’ll send you ours! :slight_smile:


Well, in this case, you could bring all the lefties and your dear minorities down here and the cons will go up North. Brazil is a shithole, warm all year round and lots of freaks. You’ll feel right at home.


You could whine some more or you could do something about it.

Love it or leave it!


What the fuck could be more fun then getting up early and killing cons - oh yeah, remind me, lefties have no guns, - yet of all the people I know the lefties are the most heavily armed and even the lefty girls carry

I used to wonder why the winners killed everyone in the opposition - sometimes millions - now I don’t wonder


From what I’ve seen libz do what righties only wish they had the ballz to do… and then the righties sit and be mad about it because they’re lame asses, make up some fairy tale religious excuses… bunch a dick in the ass mother fuckers… LOL


This is the stabber

You can see the typical leftie “intelligence” in his face



Here’s your typical righties… fat dumb inbred traitors…