The Dow Craters 400 points in midday trading


Trump’s International Trade Gaffes take their toll.




This was a serious hit -


Just read this on FB from some tin hat… @Bigdukesix …??

Bubbles are inflated with citizen earned/citizen debt-originated capital, then intl trillionaires implement a sell-off (incl gold$1600>$1200oz) and use the stolen trillions to buy up assets. This is never prosecuted when all electronic transactions prove collusion, nor is it taxed…NWO destabilization-monopolization rackets are never publicized in the msm.


I will never ever fucking understand why mother fuckers are happy when the dow skyrockets and their IRA’s make tons - don’t they realize they are buying into higher prices

they shud be thrilled when it goes down

I explained this to a guy who was all happy and he looked at me like fucking ET landed in front of him when he figured I was right