The greatest voice ever in music, please, come in Aretha


Freeway of Love was probably “bigger” than Pink Cadillac, the album Who’s Zoomin Who was platinum, and it also has a pink Caddy as the central metaphor as well as cover art.

Bear in mind that ALL pink Caddys have been derivative since about 1954 or 5, when Elvis discovered them.


Just announced Thursday night free in downtown Detroit in Hart Plaza, The Four Tops and Gladys Knight will perform.

Also added to the funeral, Aretha will be eulogized by some guy named William Jefferson Clinton


Never been so proud of Detroit. People four deep are circling the Greater Grace Baptist church tonight just singing. Church hymns, of course Aretha songs. The family announced today that they are opening up 1000 seats to regular old Detroiters who want to be inside at the funeral tomorrow.

I’ve noticed it’s something we do in Detroit, we sing when we’re happy at Joe Louis Arena like no other fanbase not named Montreal, and we sing when we’re sad.




Hillary just got a standing ovation in the church. Here she’s about to hug Diana Ross


Please put your phones away. You WILL be asked to leave for taking video or pictures past this point. You’re had plenty of time to take pics this week, now it’s time for some RESPECT


It’s a goddamed Live Aid in there right now. Loud ovations when the Detroit singing dignitaries show up, Stevie, Smokey, Diana, you just need first names


If you want to watch the live stream


Jennifer Hudson has arrived


Whoopi Goldberg dressed to the nines in heels no less


Bill Clinton (Jesse Jackson blocked by the bandolero apparently) and Pistons legend Isiah Thomas!


Ariana Grande whom Aretha personally asked to perform at this event. Aretha loves her


Ms. Grande with Mrs. Clinton


And as they have been long want to do, support Detroit, the bill for the funeral and expenses is being picked up by the Ilitch family, owners of the Tigers and Red Wings.

Mike Ilitch who during the downturn when GM and Chrysler went bankrupt refused to take their advertising down because they couldn’t pay. “We’re all in this together” he said. He paid for Rosa Parks safer apartment after she was attacked in her own home. A lot of cities are a lot of things but in being out here for 10 years I don’t know if NYC could pull off a big-city yet small hometown feel for something like this for say a Paul Simon or Billy Joel et al.


White people singing in church are such a damned embarrassment


Time to trigger the cons


Nice to see the one GOOD Mayor Detroit had, Dennis Archer, also a former Michigan SC justice is in da house


Everyone should click that link for a bit. THIS is church singing


AP stopped the live stream, here’s the CBS feed:


This MUSIC! Oh my god. Eddie Izzard pointed out the difference between white churches and black churches when it comes to signing. White people, with more money and treasure than King Solomon sing so DULL and on one note, like a drone. Black people, whose church music was born from murder, and slavery, poverty, and the KKK and being hated, sing so loudly and truly hold those voices up to their God.