The NFL bids adieu to whiny looser babby Papa John


That is all.



Crap pizza and a crap sports league.


He is on my obit list


Don’t ever sell your own product. People over time will grow sick of your face. Maybe they had a bad day and you yukking it up with Peyton Manning with BAD lines and horrid pizza, not a good place to be in the advertising world. It’s why Ronald McFuckingDonald sold cheeseburgers not Ray Kroc’s wife. You don’t see the CEO of Green Giant Niblets talking to people, fuck no, get the animation department. Met Life? You beat me to it, you saw Snoopy on the blimp too.

I could go on.


Peyton Manning sells his stake, will remain a pitchman


That’s a shame - He’s a man who knows his hats.


Papa John dumped the NFL - not the other way round

my sources tell me


Makes sense, I heard a while back that the NFL was failing,