The only real way to make it stop


is to hand Orange Mussolini over to the angry mob…

Conservatives want a solution, there’s the solution…


That won’t fix systematic racism, though


Agreed, that would be cathartic for most, but it won’t change the minds of the people that voted him in, and those who protect him.


At least we’d get to see if these “law and order” types wouldn’t start their own riots.


That kind of example is all his dumb supporters will understand.



More dog whistlin…



And Trump had to tear gas ad forcibly remove peaceful protesters from in front of this church in order to get that photo op.


Your right, but it would be refreshing


From what I understand, he didn’t pray, cite a verse or worship The Jesus in anyway…the Book was just a prop, like the Church he had never been to was.


Jesus was never as yuuuuuuuuuuuuge as Trump. Just sayin’