The president is playing a fun game where you name your favorite TV show in all caps with an exclamation point! ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!



You do understand that to a MAGAt, law and order means black people. For white people it’s ‘fuck the governor, liberate Michigan!’



(body is clear)




I don’t know who Billie is, some 18-Y.O. who claims to have a HUGE PLATFORM, but she thinks Trump should eat a huge fucking dick and choke on it, so she may be onto something there.


She is apparently the current new sensation emo pop princess.


She is the youngest person to get 4 grammys including the big 2 (artist OY, record OY), at the tender age of 18. And yes, I do like her music but many don’t. And yes, her language is unfiltered in general.


Here’s the song that got her ROY. Not even my favorite on her album.