The Real Sciences and Technologies Amusements Thread





I was gonna tell a time travelling joke but you guys didn’t like it



One thing that’s rarely mentioned in time travel stories is that if you travel back only in time but stay in exactly the same point in space, the Earth won’t be there anymore. So wouldn’t time travel require traveling through space as well?


Your time travel machine has an anchor that keeps it tethered to the point on Earth and translates you along with the Earth’s movement as you shift in time.



Everybody knows that (rolling eyes smiley)




This is a link to the specific data



A real science link would not be a link to made up bullshit


Spatial displacement to the uninformed


You mean regarding to your subtopic about time travel STORIES? What was it you said?

O yeah… “GFY 6 ways to Sunday”

BTW I am only up to 4


Why kneecaps are important



Pollen cloud out of felled tree, Snopes verified. Hope you have your Claritin…



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^^^ Very Darth Vader, a song about the force

Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses