The Real Sciences and Technologies Amusements Thread



Yeah, if they really did it





Get the fuck out










time travel is science, right?


alt-text: “I can’t help myself; now I want to read a bunch of thinkpieces from newspapers in Biff’s 1985 arguing over whether the growth of the region into a corporate dystopia was inevitable.”



Engineer and Anti-vaxxer come to the bridge

Anti-vaxxer says to the engineer: Is it safe to cross the bridge?

Engineer: It is 99,97% safe to cross that bridge.

Anti-vaxxer: I’d rather swim.


@Wabbit, Do you concur?


Also, the trope “don’t stick your dick in crazy” implies both irrational and therefore radical fucks. If we could prove a 4th spatial dimension, that could imply hyperfucks.


If both dicks and pi are irrational, does that imply that dicks are also a constant?


Of course a dick is irrational, which is why it’s also called a root.



(Old news, but I either didn’t see it in 2013, or I just forgot)