The Sad State of Pro Basketball


I’ve had this one going about a week now and no home for it so here will havteh do.


Dubs blowing out Cavs, 5:15 to go in 4th. James held below 30 so far.


Why can’t Lebron James stand on his tippy toes?

He gets no support from his Cavs


Go Warriors!




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Oh please. Down 3-1 Cavs came back to win against, who was that. Let me think on it…

Could the like happen again?

…I think it beyond consideration. How boring pro ball has become.


I think you are rebutting something that exists only in your head at this point.


Are you saying the series wasn’t a forgone conclusion? I thought it was, Elle Moskweeta.




Then you’re arguing with yourself, as I pointed out.


Okay - you seem to think the Cavs got a chance. Worry on, Elle Moskweeta.


I’m saying I hadn’t said anything, so you’re arguing against a point nobody had made.

You need to tell the voices to stop bothering you so you can listen to what other people say.


This is the basketball thread and I’ll discuss it as I wish. If you don’t want to discuss the thread topic then why be here?


I was willing to discuss in here, but you got started without me with the idea that you could speak for me as well. Why bother when you’re on such a roll?

Again, the voices, try to quiet them so you can actually listen to what others say.




Et tu, Moskweeta?



Portland had the #1 Pick, we could have had Durant, but since we’ve had such wonderful luck in drafting potential upside big guys(The Sam Bowie Curse, rather than this kid named Jordan), we went ahead and drafted what’s his name (Greg Oden) that big center guy that has since retired after his knees blew out in his 2nd or 3rd year.


We got to see a game, Boozeau. Be out there when I can.