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I’m gonna start posting Totem funnies here

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Not trying to hijack but just saw this meme from 3 years ago and it seems pertinent.




We have always had term limits, we call them elections. Why do trogs, always expect the nanny state to do things for them?


So you should be able to keep re-electing presidents?

You must not be in favor of the “No Work - No Pay” bill that got submitted recently.


I sort of understand the idea behind term limits, What if the best Senator in History has to vacate his or her seat, because of term limits? At the end of the day imho it is setting arbitrary limitations on who we are allowed to vote for, when our votes should be based on an informed electorate being allowed to choose from an open field of candidates. (Which has it’s own challenges of course, hence Trump.)


I say yes.


What morans don’t understand is you should not have to throw some one out if they are doing well

Wud fucking GM fire the best CEO they ever had

Sorry yer times up - didn’t the moose tell ya - we will jus lose money - rules is rules


There’s nothing sacred about the 22nd amendment other than the relative difficulty of removing it. It’s a monument to GOP butthurt over FDR being so popular as to get elected 4 times, and it already bit the GOP in the ass in 1960 when they couldn’t run Ike again.

Having said that, there really should be congressional term limits as well but since the whole congressional shit show is based on seniority there is absolutely no incentive for any voter to vote his incumbent out. And due to the job security and the great benefits, congress will NEVER enact term limits on itself.


Term limits for whom? This came right after a post about an Obama quote.

Do you mean for Presidents? Because if you do, they already exist.

If you meant for other politicians, you might want to say so in your post, otherwise it sounds like a Tourette’s utterance with no point of reference.

Judges? Senators? Sheriff’s? The list goes on and on.


What about fucking lifers Boro

you want term limits fer them too

they just suck the gob tit for 30 years


“Lifers” usually retire at 20.

Someone has be be there for that long

You want someone with 4 years experience leading the Army? Lmao