The train keeps a rollin



prosperity, why do liberals hate it so much?


By 2027, 13 million people would lose their health insurance and its accompanying benefits. Ultimately, the CBO found that everybody who makes less than $75,000 would be losing money under the Senate tax plan over the course of the next decade.


Let me guess about 82% of that money will go to the upper echelons of Management, and shareholders.


…and that is 70% of households, never mind individuals.


looks like they will lose it by choice. the mandate was forcing them to buy something they couldn’t afford. in the long run they will be better off.

Was this the same CBO that told us Obamacare would pay for itself?


Oh get Universal Health Care already.


Post another Breitbart story here, @jeffhanson, and I’ll be tempted to move yer post even further from the main board than I moved it this time.


liberal censorship is not going to stop the trump train from undoing 8 years of Obama damage and bringing jobs back to America again.


You mean like those Carrier jobs? LMFAO@YUO


i can give you links from pretty much any source you want. Bottom line, this tax plan is working and working well. Trump is getting it done


From Hanson’s article:

“It’s a drop in the bucket,” says Nick Sargen, chief economist at Fort Washington Investment Advisors, a money-management firm in Cincinnati. “Companies are doing it mainly as a PR gesture.”

Plus, 39 is less than 10% of the F500 companies, you’d think such a yuugely bigly thing would have more Patriotic Corporate Personages doing what TRUMP promised.


Nope, mine ar’nt in there.
My fault. Right?


same here


Why do Chief Economists at Bigly Investment firms hate Murrica?


You almost have to wonder it this tokenism isn’t meant to make the billions they are being handed at the expense on the consumer class seem meaningful to the masses.


No. I didn’t get no stinkin bonus.

Jeff, did you give your employees raises and bonuses?


Hey, Bezos can have his extra $50 million, as long as I get my hunnerdbucks.




i work for a very liberal company. we are all about profits


companies just keep getting on board the trump train. even very liberal ones