The very definition of a bad idea


So, the last time I was between jobs I spent a fair amount of time playing around online. On day a particular video popped up in my YouTube feed.

I’ve had those 2 ingredients in hand for the last four months, and just today decided to make a batch. I used one can of sweetened condensed milk, and half a bag each semi-sweet & 60% cacao Ghirardelli chocolate chips. It melted nicely and fairly quickly as it was done on low heat. I dumped it into a wax paper lined pan. It’s now setting up in the fridge. But what was left on the spoon was quite yummy and smooth. I’ll let you know if it sets up like fudge. But so far so good.

Still, a very bad idea.


This works pretty well; I haven’t done it myself but have enjoyed the productions of neighbors and friends using a 2 ingredient approach.

Not getting why you regard it as a bad idea, though. Death by diabetes is very American and probably less unpleasant than death by lung cancer, say.


Doc says to to a patient, if you give up smoking, drinking, and eating junk, you’ll live a lot longer.

Patient says, if I gave all of that up, why the hell would I want to live longer?


It’s yummy and smooth.

I’m not looking to die from the diabetes, but since I lost my latest job (covid killed our sales) I’ve been bummed and craving crap. Chocolate soothes it all one yummy bite-size piece at a time.

But I don’t think I’ll be making it often. A little goes a long way.


Fuck. You don’t deserve that.


Shit happens honey. They let me know last Monday, and still paid me for the rest of the week. But I was the last hire in assembly, and there just wasn’t enough orders coming in. I just got the short end if the stick.


M: Too many free radicals. That’s your problem.
James Bond: “Free radicals,” sir?
M: Yes. They’re toxins that destroy the body and the brain, caused by eating too much red meat and white bread. Too many dry martinis!
James Bond: Then I shall cut out the white bread, sir.