The worst thing about Trump


…is not Trump.

Its the co-ordinated, purposeful and malicious attacks by the left through the media that seeks to have him removed from office.

Be careful, little 'uns.

Because if they succeed, it will create a precedent that is rather more frightening than an inept politician. It will give the media the power to control politics.

And that, boys and girls, is a 2 edged sword.


Straight out of Trump’s speech to the CG today. Snowflakes all.


The media is the fourth branch of politics.


If the media is a player in the political arena, it must declare its interest.


So the media is supposed to cover up for Trumpf’s obvious lies and transgressions?


The worst thing about Trump is he’s Donald Trump…


There is a world of difference between reporting news, and reporting non substantiated rumour, innuendo and gossip.

It cannot be ignored or denied that the American media is on a crusade to get Trump out, and to race each other to the bottom of the cesspool with any headline that demeans your President.

Trump is a clown. I get that. I’d hate for him to be our leader. But that does not justify the media becoming political manipulators for their own gain.

When we start fearing the media, as well as the government, we are well and truly fucked.


The most dangerous thing on this planet is trump and the republican party

any means to be rid of him has my 100 percent approval


I’d maybe agree if Trumpf was some noble president but he’s not, the guy’s a dirtbag through and through, in every way, shape and form, there’s tons of stuff about him that the media hasn’t touched on at all… yet… :slight_smile: Truly amazing the types of people that cons will support to the bitter end. :slight_smile:


Lou thinks once trump creates NAZI USA he will somehow leave Australia alone -


Trump has no effect on Australia.


Yeah, not yet

Hitler had no effect on Poland in the beginning times either


Aren’t we being a TAD melodramatic?

From this distance, I’ve seen nothing to indicate Trump is a dictatorial warmonger.


If thinking getting rid of the first amendment and putting reporters in jail is melodramatic then I guess I am


He can “think” all he likes.

But I believe people should be judged by what the DO.


That’s exactly what the fuck he is


What’s this thread about?

Real talk!


You should check out the shit he says on Twitter.




So you stop making an ass of yourself by saying stupid, uninformed shit about him.