The worst thing about Trump


That’s exactly what the fuck he is


What’s this thread about?

Real talk!


You should check out the shit he says on Twitter.




So you stop making an ass of yourself by saying stupid, uninformed shit about him.


How about YOU tell us what he’s DONE to deserve such asinine hysteria and media abuse.

I cannot imagine any other leader in ANY country who has to endure such vitriol and dissent. Now, if there were goon squads prowling the streets at night, scooping up snowflakes and taking them to re-education camps, or that news organisations were being shut down at gun point, I might understand the melodrama.

But I see none of that happening.

Yet the fragile, silly leftards are apoplectic with fury and incense. Why?

From what I can tell, women are the vanguard of this outpouring of this vexation. Of course, with the left in command of the shiny minds of students enmeshed in a manipulative education system, the snot nosed, ignorant little brats are manning the ramparts as dictated by their professorial overlords to add to the shrill noise.

But it seems they utterly fail to see that what they are doing is destroying their country. America’s claim as a democratic beacon is utterly ruined. Its constant claim to be the leader of the free world demolished.

As I’ve said many times, its not Trumps era that will change America forever…its that which will follow. How can any candidate from either persuasion bring the nation together under one government now?


Again, you don’t understand because you have no clue what Trump says or does. Maybe if you did, you’d feel differently.

There’s just no point in trying to have yet another discussion with you about something you know sweet fuck all about.


To say nothing to how the GOP And it’s fans treated Obama.


Translation; you have no sensible rebuttal.

Another loss.


Noe yuo!


I have offered you many sensible rebuttals. You don’t listen or even know WTF I’m talking about.

What’s the point?



Conz are gonna have an adult baby fest when Trumpski gets booted. :slight_smile:


Ah, Time Magazine…

There’s a balanced news media outlet…


Worry about Australia man, where you guys can’t even grab a sack of weed without fearing the man still. :stuck_out_tongue:


Freedom seems to be a problem for you - you seem to fear it - good thing you turned yer guns in


Time Magazine has generally been considered to be a Republican Mag. Google Henry Luce.


Speaking from a country very much like Australia, I feel pretty damn free.


But, but, but… I thought he was so intelligent?


Oh I’m sorry. Were you under the misconception that intelligent people cannot be incorrect, ignorant or inflammatory on issues?